Cherry Wishes

Through this beautiful poem reblogging from chimerapoet in Chimera Poetry I pass the same wish to a man I love.

Chimera Poetry

There is a new year on the horizon and wishes clamoring to be born. Sometimes special ones hang like cherries on a tree,

the best and biggest,

 all round and glossy and winedark with juice, 

 seem to always 






But these are wishes I would make for you anyway…

There will be bad times along with the good, 

and dark days with the bright.

I would wish for you the knowledge that all this passes and that light is the one thing the blackness flees,

and my cherry wish would be that you have a friend to remind you of that and to sit warmly next to you

and hold your hand when its dark.

The next wish is that you…

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Paper Snails

Chimera Poetry

I draw snails on bits of paper and leave them for my friend to find
its an unconnected hug
a cheering up tool
a way to say hi
I know you
when you aren’t there
I’m not sure how it started but snails are one of the two things I can draw
that and spiders with shoes and a jaunty top hat that children seem to like (only the very small ones)
ask random people what an act of love is and most will answer sex
or recount some heroic sacrifice
that’s not wrong there is no greater love etc…
but unnoticed actions have their depth and worth
like agates on a beach they are there to collect if you search for them
and I would wish that for you my friend
I would wish an open heart and open eyes to see that going to a job you do…

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Keeping promises

My dear friend, you do not worry of me being silent sometimes, there is a such a beauty in a silence, isn’t it?

I keep my promises forever. (That’s the theme of my blog also).

The time and a distance (even to be an inter-continental one) does not matter. Neither I’d change my mind once I’ve made it up.

I’ve tried to see you in a crowd on the last day of the Festival. I’ve asked a girl about you (she was performing that night) but she hasn’t seen you. I have a little present and a card for you wishing you lovely journey. I’ll miss you for a while but I know how important it is for you to go. And I am happy for you. For everything you do, for the way you, your own ways…You’re awesome in all your ways.

And come back.

Gray Eyes

Beautiful grey eyes, like wonderful grey clouds of the sky. Sometimes a bit darker, sometimes more pale. Announcing the rain or it’s raining already…I love the rain. A storm on the way in this wonderland…with all the calmness afterwords. Coming from the mystery of the big sky, those admired grey eyes are mysterious too. And so adored.


Is it a true love that make us devoted towards someone we love so deeply? Make us attached and connected? Regarding the time passes. Or a physical distance between us two. Does it matter anyhow, I mean, a time? Are we counting our days or years or… just should ignore it. We can keep in our hearts every precious moment we’ve lived, devoted to one another. While our souls are sailing in the ocean of joy and warmth. And we are truly thankful for all those moments given, for all the love gifted, for all the joy sent down to us! Then we stay madly devoted to the chosen one forever!

In My Backyard

a lizard lives. A big, fat, blue tongue lizard. I’ve never seen a lizard free in the environment before, only in a Zoo. He usually enjoys sunbathing in his favourite spot (doesn’t move for hours) and hanging around. I live close to the lake, I think he goes there for a swim. Then he comes back. He is my pet now (am I his pat too?). I hope he doesn’t mind to be my favourite pet. I was scared of him at the beginning but not any more. Now I truly love him! Adoring him, really!

Together, My Friend

in love we stand, together! You and me! In good times and in hard times, no matter what! We can overcome every little obstacle (and a big one too)!!! But just being together is a such a joy for me. Watching your face, your gestures, the way you walk, the way you sit… I am just melting in your company. I listen to your voice, so melodic…can you sing? I’ll ask you next time. Time…doesn’t really matter, my friend. I’m trying to write a love letter to you. Bit by bit now… and one day, I’ll write a long, long, one! That you know how much you’re admired and loved. By me.

Your Given Hand

to me, my friend, I will hold with joy. In love, not in fear. The fear that I felt before has faded away. It is love that stays. Forever. I am grateful to God that we have met in this world, isn’t it a miracle? In a place of such a crowd with a feeling of belonging to you from the very first moment, yes, it is a miracle!