Fluffy & Kay

This is a story about love and adoration between our small family of two and our two cats.

Fluffy was older, a gorgeous Russian Blue, all covered in grey. Kay was much younger, arrived as a kitten, given as a Birthday present to me by my son. Like a mum and her daughter, those two… but it took some time for them to accept each other.

Fluffy would sunbathing and sleeping all day long, while Kay was a hunter, she would catch almost anything. A giant cat with beautiful grey and white long hair, dominating in the neighbourhood, maybe of feral origin…

It was a bit strange how Fluffy has became our pet. My (then) teenage son asked for a cat as we had no other family around, living far away from our homeland. Living with pets would be nice but we were allergic on animal’s hair and couldn’t keep any. At the time, one day, we’ve noticed a cat in our backyard. She was lying on the ground watching us but didn’t come any closer. She spent all day over there, then disappeared.

That was Fluffy, we discovered later. Fluffy used to visit us every day for a long time. Staying in a backyard and going home in the evening. We didn’t feed her as her owner might think we want to have her, poor cat was without the food for so long…But still, she kept coming. One day I returned home after work, it was about to rain, the wind was strong and a storm was expecting. She was sitting at the front door looking at me, in my eyes, “saying” to let her in. I opened the door, she got in, then quickly found her way to the living room, then to my soon bedroom, jumping on his bed and went to sleep.

What’s this? Somehow she knew the place, you can see that. I didn’t want the neighbours accusing us of stealing a cat. Where does she come from, I’m going to find it out and returned her home straight away. Actually, she lived on the opposite side of the street, that was a valuable information. I took her home explaining she was with us becouse of the storm. The lady with a baby was happy having her cat back but soon after she retuned. Many times that evening I crossed the street returning the cat home.”What’s her name?” “Fluffy”. “How old is she?” “She’s ten, we’ve got her as a kitten” lady replied.  At the end on that long day the lady owner offered me to keep the cat,” I’m sorry, I can’t, we’re allergic to cats hair”.

Half an hour later Fluffy was back. She stayed that night. She stayed with us (forever), until she died (at the old age of 22 years). Fluffy was “my son’s” adored cat.  She adored him even more. She loved me too and I loved her deeply.

Kay has chosen to be “my”cat, adopting me, trying to posses me, not allowing anyone to be close to me (except her of course).  She has some “empathy”  though, towards my son when he wanted to spend some time with me. We sat and watched TV for half an hour all together for example, then she would start demanding me to leave sitting room and go to my bedroom.( With her.) She would stand in front of me looking at my eyes seriously (like telling me “that’s enough watching of  TV for today, let’s go”). And I would go, I mean we would go, Kay and I. What a love we’ve all four shared.

Years have passed by. Then, one day (because of the jobs changes) we had to move to a distant place. We’re taking Fluffy and Kay with us. By plane. “Are you two crazy?” people would ask. “Do you realise it would cost you a fortune ”

We’ve discussed Fluffy and Kay condition with our Vet, had them in quarantine before the flight and also in the quarantine when arriving. Vet said he feared that Fluffy wouldn’t make it.  She already was 21 with weak heart.  Then I had to pay high insurance premium for her, then insurance for Kay…plus the air tickets for both of them. It did cost us a fortune. So what? And, yes, some people might still think of us as a two fools taking cats from one country to another.

Fluffy survived the flight. It must be awfully cold down there in a luggage compartment of the air plane. We’ve arrived nicely. It wasn’t very nice when I could’t find rented accommodation with two cats. Spending another lots of fortune for a cat’s boarding places.

My son has moved to another city and I finally have found a place where I can stay with two cats.  I was so happy but my happiness went to into  sadness when Fluffy stopped eating one day.  It was a kidney’s failure. She died shortly after. Was it a grief for her lost “mum” but Kay didn’t stay with me much longer. She got a cancer and died soon after Fluffy.

Love,  pure love.







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