CD Found

It was a rainy day that day. Like a millions of sparkling, little stars falling onto the footpath…that was an impression of the rain drops falling down while walking home…I’ve stumbled suddenly and almost fell. Looking around I’ve realised it was a CD case I’ve tripped over. I’ve picked it up. Someone lost it, it might be precious for them. I wish I could return it to the owner. But, no one was there. No houses or a buildings around, just a foot path with a lots of tall pine trees aside.

What’s inside the case? I opened it and found a few older CDs, some Latino dance, Hip-hop…I wish I can found the owner and give it to them. Next day I went there and left a message: “Black CD case found, please call…” Nobody claimed it. I’ve planed to give it to the local charity shop but then, I was busy and CD case was  “drowned” somewhere, in a bookshelf, into my books and stuff.

I can’t tell you how many years passed by, for sure many. Until  I’ve rediscovered CD case ten days ago. I was just about to take it to the local charity shop (as I’ve planned before). Then I opened the case one more time, just to check…

Then, a surprise: one of the CDs inside is the one l am mad about for some time. I’ve tried to buy it with no success. The performing artist is my gifted friend playing music so beautifully. 


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