My Soulmate


“He is from another galaxy and I am going crazy, crazy, crazy…” were my first thoughts when we’ve met. How can I know him when I don’t know him, but I have a sense I do? And all those beautiful curls making their way under his cap…what’s going on…does he think I would steel his CD… no, I wouldn’t…but…

I thought he’s American and I hope he likes his new name given by magics: Americano. Something keeps hitting me like little angels’ love arrows…this is love…so deep, unexpected and …different than anything else I’ve faced before.

What do we do, I ran away from love…and my stupid letter…then a silence…a glass breaking…those arrows keep shooting me day and night…trying to reach him.. where’s my courage gone…seems unbearable, seems impossible…

After all, all I can say to you Americano is that I love you!


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