I Missing You, My Friend

I love you and I know you somehow. I wish I erase all your suffering and your dark side. I thought a prayer will be good but you if you’re cured you’ll loose your creativity. So, I pray for your anger and rage to go away, the rest can be seen as a “piece of cake.”

I wish you marry me one day as the marriage is the only companionship I can have because I am Christian.

Early this morning, on my way to work, I stopped on the beach, just before sunrise, and made few photos. On my way back home,
I visited a lagune and another beach and made some more photos, wondering around. I wish we were there together.

I am here to stand always by you and to help you in any way if you allow me to do so. I am your friend and regardless of anything else I am deeply conected to you. By love!

One more thing. I bought a guitar to learn. For you my loved friend!


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