Writing 101 Day Twelve: (Virtual) Dark Clouds on the Horizon


“I want to chase my career, even I love you I don’t have much time for us right now.” – he said few years ago when they started dating.


“Do you have a time to talk? I have to tell you something.”

“About what, I am so busy with those two assignments…”

“I am pregnant.

“So, what?”

“Do you think we get married and start our family? I know we’ve planned this later on in life but…”

“No way, too early for the family. We are just 21 and 22 years of age. We are still kids ourselves!”

“But, I am pregnant.”

“Yes, I did hear that. Not a problem, go for abortion.”

“I want to keep our baby.”

“Are you crazy? I don’t want to have a child right now and you don’t have right to decide it for me.”

“We love each other and we can manage with the baby. We have enough finances and we have a place to live. What’s the problem?”

“If you want to keep the baby do it yourself. I am gone”


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